Fifield’s international and multi-lingual team offers service that is tailored to individual needs.

Custom Fabric Solutions

Whatever the type of product, the quantity or the delivery site, Fifield strives to satisfy all client needs.

To prepare for the future and foresee the trends of tomorrow, Fifield travels the world to seek these new horizons and maintain its advantage by finding new and innovative products.

Fifield places this service at the client’s disposal when existing product lines cannot satisfy their specific needs!

Fifield is a fabric product manufacturer that offers custom solutions to our clients. We specialize in developing exclusive fabrics and accessories to serve the specific needs of our customers.

Our experienced team works closely with each customer from start to finish, ensuring that each product meets the highest quality standards and exceeds customer expectations.


Premium Custom Fabric Solutions from Fifield, Inc.

We leverage our industry expertise and offer innovative solutions to meet every customer’s unique requirements and develop products tailored to their needs. The products we offer include:

  • Premium Leatherettes
  • Leatherettes
  • Suedes
  • Velvets
  • Flannels
  • Anti-Tarnish Silver Cloth
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Flocked Fabrics
  • Flocked Papers
  • Flocked Films

Premium Custom Fabric Solutions

Premium Leatherette

At Fifield, we provide three premium types of leatherettes to suit your requirements, and these are:

  • Vienna It is our highest quality leatherette known for its durability and quality, making it the premier choice for a luxurious look. This trusted brand has been around for generations and continues to be specified in high-end packaging and displays.
  • Elite Also part of our fabric collection is Elite products which boast a soft hand plus a unique texture that has made them extremely popular.
  • Inspirations  To further cater to our customer’s fabric needs, we’ve recently added Inspirations fabric collection  that feature the latest colorings and textures that are sure to elevate any residential or commercial space.




Integrity leatherette is the perfect choice when it comes to making jewelry displays. It’s made with high-quality polyurethane, which helps ensure that your jewelry will look great and last long. Not only is it stocked in 18 colors, but its lightfastness and durability make it ideal for any jewelry display configuration.

In addition to Integrity leatherette, you can also find the Lantau line, which offers an even more comprehensive range of 44 vibrant colors for you to choose from and an extra layer of durability for added defense against damage.

Our leatherettes are sourced from the finest factories with strict quality standards and meet all international safety regulations. We individually inspect each lot to ensure that the highest quality standards are met and guarantee its durability. Our leatherettes are guaranteed to be soft, supple, and easy to work with, making them the perfect choice for all designs and brand recognition.




We also offer our clients a range of suedes that are perfect for all custom design projects. It’s the perfect choice for a classic look, and its unique texture makes it ideal for many uses. This luxurious fabric is available in a variety of colors and textures.

The Fifield suede line has broken the mold in the industry with its prestigious Charisma fabric. It features a realistic suede exterior that dazzles in 36 lush colors, so you’ll always find a shade that suits your unique needs. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, this coveted material is also well-suited for manufacturing an array of items, including jewelry, leather goods, and medical equipment.

With this luxurious fabric’s range of uses, it is no wonder why Charisma has become synonymous with quality and elegance.




Fifield offers an extensive range of velvet-like fabrics for customers looking to give their spaces a unique, modern touch. Our velvet-like collection features a selection of high-end fabrics that our customers have come to expect from Fifield. The Fifield Velveteen Line is perfect for a luxurious, velvet-like feel. This luxurious fabric is available in several types consisting of:

  • Soiree
  • Rich-vel (made in USA)
  • Fi-vel non-woven(made in USA)
  • Fi-Vel paper (made in USA)



Soiree has a look and feel of natural velvet with 13 stock colors and an additional custom color option to ensure your product stands out and won’t fray. Plus, it is used in the jewelry industry to be used as display covers and for packaging.



Rich-vel flocked velveteen is the way for those who want to save money without sacrificing quality. Rich-vel comes in 8 colors and features a reliable manufacturing process that allows it to be easily glued or sewn together. Rich-vel is well suited for projects requiring several elements due to its adhesive properties, making it an economical option with excellent results and is made in USA.


Fi-Vel non-woven and Fi-Vel paper

Suppose you want to achieve velvet-like effects in a project without any fabric materials. In that case, Fi-Vel non-woven and Fi-Vel paper are the perfect solutions. Both variants are made with special fibers that create a velvety surface, allowing you to give projects a touch of finesse.

Both options are stocked in black, allowing you to accessorize pieces with dramatic effects. These two finishes provide an easy way to add sophisticated detail that will take your projects up a notch. Custom colors are also available.

These products are all made in the United States, so you can trust that you’re getting quality products from an American source.  Move this paragraph under the Flannel heading




The Fifield Flannel line is a unique and environmentally conscious addition to your fabric choices. With each flannel product being made with 100% cotton, shoppers can adopt flannels free from toxic chemicals.

Additionally, since cotton renews itself and is biodegradable and recyclable, it helps to reduce textile waste in the environment, negatively impacting our natural ecosystems. Assuring their customers of excellent quality products, Fifield Flannel proudly upholds all EPA standards for the water used in the dyeing process, making this flannel line environmentally friendly and healthy.

The Fifield Flannel line is composed of the following:

  • Ipswich Flannel
  • Glendale Flannel
  • Kenized Silvercloth
  • Glendale Polish Cloth


Ipswich Flannel

Ipswich flannel is renowned among discerning customers for its superior quality and classic look. It’s made with a unique double-napping process – that gives it a soft, luxurious feel. With twelve stock colors to choose from, Ipswich Flannel is an easy way to add protection, elegance and sophistication to any application . Whether you prefer bold brights or subtle tones, Ipswich has the color you want to create any look you desire.


Glendale Flannel

Glendale flannel is an excellent choice for a lighter-weight material with a soft texture. This Flannel  is also double-napped, meaning the surface of each side has been brushed twice to create a soft feeling to the touch. Glendale comes in two stock colors, ready for custom printing or embroidery if desired. The perfect combination of style and practicality, Glendale flannel is sure to please.


Kenized Silvercloth

Known for its superior quality and protection from tarnish, Kenized Silvercloth is one of the most popular textiles for silverware and jewelry protective storage solutions. Its unique double-napping process provides an extra layer of protection against environmental conditions and long-lasting reliability. This versatile cloth is available in eleven colors, making it easy to coordinate with any space. No matter what you need to store, Kenized Silvercloth will provide the ultimate reliable and natural fabric solution.


Glendale Polish Cloth

Glendale Polish Cloth is the ideal solution for bringing back the sparkle to your gold and silver. A unique blend of a two-sided fabric, Glendale’s double napping offers a thick layer impregnated with a proprietary  polish compound that will remove tarnish and dirt from precious metals with remarkable effectiveness.

Glendale comes in two stock colors, extending its versatility so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently every time. With Glendale Polish Cloth, you can restore your jewelry and other fabric metal items to their former glory in no time.

Innovation & Quality

Fifield is committed to providing the best experience for our clients by staying ahead of the curve. We strive to innovate and continuously introduce new product lines and materials to provide our customers with unbeatable products. Our team is constantly researching and developing innovative solutions that exceed industry standards.


End-to-end Services

Fifield provides end-to-end services from design to delivery, ensuring that our clients receive the products they need when they need them. We have an experienced team of professionals in fabric production and sourcing. Every process step is monitored to ensure a smooth transition from concept to production.


We’re experts at developing fabrics and accessories

Our products are tailored to your specific needs, so you can rest assured that our fabrics are of the highest quality and meet all industry standards. Contact us now to discuss what we can do to help you achieve your custom fabric needs.