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Fifield, Inc. is one of the most trusted flannel fabric manufacturers in various applications. We have been in the industry since 1924, so we ensure that our clients from different sectors have the best flannel that will exceed their expectations. We understand that looking for a flannel fabric that is soft and durable can be challenging, so we ensure that the materials we offer meet all your requirements and specifications to be used for their intended purpose. Fortunately, we also have a line of magnificent flannel that Fifield has developed for our customers to enjoy.
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Different Fifield Flannel Lines You Can Choose From

If you're looking for breathable cotton flannel fabric that you can use for various purposes or applications, look no further than Fifield. Our selection has the best quality, and we're a trusted company that manufactures our fabric flannel with care and love. Our Fifield Flannel Line includes the following:
  • Ipswich Flannel: The Ipswich Flannel is a double-napped type of flannel fabric. It's also available in 12 different stock colors to accommodate our customer's needs and wants.
  • Glendale Flannel: The Glendale Flannel is also double-napped. However, it is much lighter and only comes in two stock colors.
  • Kenized Silvercloth: The Kenized Silvercloth is a type of flannel fabric that's double-napped and will prevent tarnish. Another great thing about this flannel fabric is it comes in 11 different stock colors.
  • Glendale Polish Cloth: Finally, the Glendale Polish Cloth only comes in two stock colors. It's also double-napped like the rest and can remove tarnish or dirt from gold or silver metals.
Remember that the Fifield Flannel Line is made from 100% cotton grown in the U.S., so you can expect the best materials you can use for different projects. Our fabrics are also free from hazardous substances because we care about the environment and your health.

Applications for Each Fabric Flannel

Depending on their specific features, our flannels have different purposes, so you should know beforehand what these applications are so you can make an informed decision.
    • Glendale Flannel Applications: They are applicable for packaging material and pads, chest lining, jewelry packaging and padding, brand packaging, giftware packaging, polishing cloth, pouch, and plush animals and stuffed toys.
    • Glendale Polish Cloth Applications: Tarnish removal and polishing cloths.
    • Ipswich Flannel Applications: Packaging material, silver storage, stuffed animals, stuffed toys, packaging pads, chest lining, giftware packaging, jewelry packaging and padding, packaging fabric, and pouches.
    • Kenized Silvercloth: Jewelry packaging and padding, packaging material and pads, silver storage, tarnish prevention, equestrian accessory maintenance, fabric conversion, chest lining, giftware packaging, and brand packaging.

Opt for a High-Quality Flannel Fabric from Fifield, Inc.

We're one of the most reputable and reliable fabric manufacturers, specializing in fabric flannel for our clients. These are used for various purposes in different industries, and we have four options to choose from. Pnce you've made a choice, don't hesitate to add them to your cart now. Or, if you have custom color requests, call us at +1 781 335 7060 immediately!

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