A premier leatherette, Elite is soft, supple, delicate and elegant. Its elasticity allows it to be used in a variety of high end products and in displays and packaging.

$40.00 per yard

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Backdrops, Background Fabrics, Backwalls, Box Covers, Linings, Brand Packaging, Cosmetic Packaging, Designer Fabric, Display Pads, Fabric Conversion, Fabric Pads, Giftware Packaging, Handbag Cover Cloth, Handbag Lining, Hats, Jewelry Boxes, Chests, Wraps, Jewelry Cases, Displays, Jewelry Packaging and Padding, Luggage Lining, Menu Covers, Packaging and Linings, Packaging Fabric, Packaging Material, Packaging Pads, Picture Frame Cloth, Picture Frame Matting, Plush Toys, POP Display Fabric, Portfolios, Pouches, Scrapbooks, Stuffed Animals, Stuffed Toys, Theater Backdrop Fabric

Custom Color

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Roll size

50.00 yards (45.72 m)

Roll width

52.00 in (1320.80 mm)

Roll weight

35.00 (pounds/roll)