The Inspirations Collection was introduced by Fifield in the Fall of 2009. It features three metallic textures, Linea, Shimmer and Echo. Linea has a soft brushed sketch pattern. Shimmer has a smooth subtle sheen, achieving a strong textural look. Echo encompasses a bold visual impact that mirrors the elegance and versatility of Linea and Shimmer. With this collection customers can choose from our matched Shimmer-Linea, Echo coordinates or create their own pairings from our large stock line. The Collection:

  • Includes 74 stock colors in the USA or Hong Kong
  • Passes Class A fire rating
  • Has excellent lightfastness
  • Has good stretch for covering
  • Can be glued, sewn and decorated
  • Is priced less than comparable products
  • Is available in custom colors with a 500 yard order

$25.00 per yard

Availability: In stock
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Custom Color

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Roll size

50.00 yards (45.72 m)

Roll width

54.00 in (1371.60 mm)

Roll weight

51.00 (pounds/roll)